Village Life from 1952 to 1982:-

Dera Khalsa is situated away from the noise of the city. Although the government has not yet provided any facility / development project to this village but it is a peaceful and silent places. 
People are hardworking, satisfied and happy with simple habits and limited needs. People are simple, straight forward and honest. Houses, sheds, and animal pens are clustered around the center of the village, which are surrounded by plowed / green fields and pastures. This village consist a net of unpaved paths and streets for the free movement of local population and pets.
 Except four or five person those are serving in private/Government organizations/foreign, the entire population of village is relaying on agriculture. Every family has its own agriculture land and the same is being cultivated by him.

  Every body in the village is caring and the people are united to face any kind of challenge, even if somebody wants to construct a room or shed for animal but, do not have enough money, the other families are always ready to help him out to meet his requirement. All the houses in the village are made of mud. The houses are open and there is no concept of boundary walls because of limited resources of the residing families. 
 The people are hardly meeting their basic needs, they cannot even think to have an item other than necessities .The big green trees around the village provide shelter in the scorching heat of Summer Sun. As there is no electric power facility is available in the village, the men, women and children often move towards nearby shadow trees for after noon rest. Some times pets also accompany them. 

Every family in the village has pets e.g. cow, buffalos, goats, dogs, donkeys, hens, ducks. A family having more number of animals is thought to have better financial position as compared to other villagers. 
                                             Pakistan,s  Punjab Village in 1925

 Early in the morning people lead the animals to the pastures and bring them back at evening. Education facilities are not frequently available to the villagers, only a boy’s government middle school is available but due to agriculture activities no body is willing to send his son to school. If somebody is willing, his son has no interest in studies because of prevailing environment. For girls there is no institution available in the area. Men start the day’s activities from the animal sheds and complete in the fields at midnight. Hard work is the culture and unity is the success of the people.
 The Village well is a meeting place for women. Here they gather to collect water or wash cloths. Most of the women move towards village stream for wash cloths. They spend there, the whole day for the same activity. Children also give company to their mothers/sisters on said visit. Till the time women are at village stream this place is out of bound for all men. Visit to village well and stream both are the most interesting activities for ladies because there they have opportunity for folk talk about their domestic affairs and these gatherings are also helpful to create social understanding among the women of the village. 

        The imam of the mosque is a local person and he has great influence on the villagers. People look up to him for religious guidance and treatment for minor ailments. He is thought a most pious person of the village.


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