A government boys high school is available in the village to meet the primary/secondary education of students of the village and surrounding areas. Middle/lower class community of the village prefer to educate their children in government high school dera khalsa due to nominal school fee/less expenditures.
     The government high school is serving the lower echelons of the population however,  with the passage of time trend of sending the children to government school is decreasing and  private school has become a necessity of the village to provide quality education for its population. Presently majority of parents, even those from lower income brackets, prefer to send their children to private english medium  schools situated at Shah bagh, Kallar Syedan and Rawalpindi.

          One Government girls middle school is offering primary and middle education for female students. Female students of secondary/Higher secondary classes have options to join government girls higher secondary school Sagri / Degree college Kallar Syedan or any private college in the area or move towards Rawalpindi city for further education. Rawalpindi city is the nearest station where quality education facilities are frequently available for college / University students of village.

History of Government High School Dera Khalsa
 The government high school  dera khalsa is a historical educational institution of district rawalpindi. It  was established by the  administration of Sub continent  as a government boys primary school dera khalsa in 1860. The land area was donated by Sardar Novahu Singh a resident of dera khalsa.Sikh and Hindu students have also been educated in this school with Muslim students till outbreak of violence in 1947.On partition of Sub contient in 1947 Sikh and Hindus opted for india and moved towards India.Since than this school is meeting educational requirements of Muslims of Dera Khalsa and surrounding areas.After its establishment it was up graded in 1925 to the  lower middle level by regional administration.

    After the partition of Sub continent,  when the education department realized need of  educational improvement , this school was upgraded for middle classes in 1960 and it was given name of Anglo Vernacular Middle School Dera Khalsa.This school maintained the status of government middle school till 1985.Although continuous efforts were made by local population to upgrade the school to the high level but, due to small building and nonavailability of ground space for new building, the said project remained pending. During the year of 1985-86 Mirza Mohammad Sadiq (Late) resident of Dera Khalsa resolved land issue by donating 03 kanal land for school building. In 1987 Government of Punjab upgraded the status of this school as a high school and also approve an amount of Rs.2.0 Million for construction of building for high classes.          


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