Different tribes including Rajput, Kakkay zai, Chahudary, Bhatti and few other tribes are residing in the village. People are very simple, straight forward, hardworking and honest. They lead a simple and happy life. All the families shifted at this village sacrificed huge properties at Jammu on migration. Despite suffering a huge loss of property and lives of their beloved, the migrating families helped each other and remained united during different crises. The strength of the people is unity.
Presently village life has been changed due to developmental influences e.g. provision of electricity, water supply project, telephone connection and cable connection. Since the said projects have played the role for increase of information / awareness, among the population of the village, resultantly now the people are more conscious about the future of their own and children. This trend has increased the potential of population; therefore literacy rate of the village has jumped up to 60% from 20% within the period of last 15 years. the people of Dera Khalsa are performing their respective duties in different organizations of Pakistan.The people of this village do not care even about their lives while performing duties. This village has produced Army soldiers / Officers Police soldiers / Officers, civil officers, Businessmen, Technicians, players, Advocates and Politicians. This village has provided great skills in almost every field for the loving country Pakistan.

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